Make Some Magic

Our favorites for you to try...and make some Magic

**First, we know you will take care of our home as if it is your own.  And we love children, but our place is not appropriate for kids under 12.  Or for smokers.  Now, the good stuff….** 

Listen to Kenny Chesney's song "Magic" on his "Be As You Are" CD. Our theme song.

Watch our “Billy and Toni” villa episode featured on HGTV’s House Hunters International  “Best of the Caribbean”. Available on Amazon.

Hike one of the many island trails.  The Hike to Ramshead from Salt Pond Bay is worth it; many others are remote but well-mapped, you will find scenic spots where you are alone with nothing but nature surrounding you.  

Fun Wild Life

Stevie, one of our resident iguanas, will visit you every morning, about 900am. He is small, harmless and only likes little pieces of banana.

Big Five

Watch for the "Big Five" as you tour the island - iguana, mongoose, goat, deer, and donkey.

Go Explore

Rent a dingy and captain your own crew out of Cruz Bay to visit the northwestern island snorkeling spots and beaches. This is a spectacular way to see St. John from the water.


Two thirds of St. John is National Park. Join us in preserving this treasure by conserving water, conserving electricity and protecting our coral reefs and wildlife. Seriously.

Embrace the Rain Shower

Tropical rainshowers are common, cooling and usually brief. Embrace them.


There are no snakes on the island. But you will see other critters just like when you camp out.

Work Out

Use our Fitness Basket to burn some calories and stay fit. Walk the steep Rock Ridge Road and its flatter side streets down and back, then band exercises, situps and chinups on Magic's breezy deck while enjoying the view - and don't forget to do your Iguana pushups.

Friendly People

The people of St. John are very friendly. A nice "good morning" or "hello" spoken before conducting business is always appreciated.

The Food and drinks

  • Eat a delicious Ronnie’s Pizza- they deliver to Magic!
  • Drink and enjoy sports on TV at Joe’s RumHut.
  • Eat a tuna steak sandwich at The Beach Bar and watch the action on Cruz Bay’s harbor.  They have Wi-Fi and Painkillers, too.
  • Try a Coconut Swizzel – coconut rum, Sprite and club soda – with a lime.
  • Eat the Vegetable Plate at Morgan’s Mango, the Cerviche at Waterfront Bistro, and anything at High Tide.
  • Even the Veggie Burgers are great at Skinny Legs.
  • Definitely visit Coral Bay.  Miss Lucy’s has an excellent Sunday Brunch with Jazz by the bay.

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